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Recovery instead of suicide.

The last 3 days were a nightmare. My  ASUS Laptop wouldn't boot up, all I got was a dark screen and an activity circle. I tried for three days using every thing I knew to do.

I lay in bed at 2 AM and suddenly I thought, maybe if I try to Boot from the Norton 360 disc? So I got up, dug through my discs and inserted the Norton. It gave me some options which I followed and it finally (after perhaps 10 minutes) gave me a screen with all my things.

Being a writer and having an almost completed SciFi story on the Hard Drive and stupidly NOT BACKED UP! (whacks myself in the head) I was totally panicked. Thankfully, this product "Norton 360" which I have used for more than ten years, saved my bacon.

If you ever have anything like this happen to you, then try using the Norton Disc as a Boot, it works!!!

Thank you Norton (Symantec) for a wonderful product.


A VERY satisfied user.

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Re: Recovery instead of suicide.

Go directly to a store and buy an external drive and get in a habit of copying your important data to it.