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recurrent pop-up saying license is expired with 265 days remaining

I CONSTANTLY get a pop-up message nearly every day saying my license has expired, but when I open the app, it says I have 268 days left on the installation of Norton 360 on just one Windows 7 PC. BTW: I run some software that windows 10 just DOES NOT allow and simply refuses to even install, so I NEED Win 7 until I find an alternative to this.  Minor note: My other two Win 7 PCs also use this same software as well as Norton 360 (10-user/device license) , but these (of course) do not display this message.  I've run NRNR more than a few times, and this actually DOES appear to help for a short period, but eventually reverts to this after just a few days.  If I do "live Update" a NUMBER of times, it will stop this from coming up for a while, but it returns shortly.  I've just now run NRNR once again and only HOPE it might help for yet another 7-10 days, but this is getting just a bit tedious.  This same PC routinely fails to install some aspects of live update until I reboot the PC and run Live Update again, eventually successfully installing all updates, but the very next day this happens again - and again - and again.  Day after day.

Has anyone seen this and is there ANY way to stop this on just this ONE PC..?



Re: recurrent pop-up saying license is expired with 265 days remaining

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