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Recurrent Problem with Starting Norton Vault (a Fix)

If Norton Vault cannot be started simply by entering your password but rather asks you to sign in to Norton OR create a New Account, and where choosing to sign into Norton Account just results in you going into a loop where the same window pops up again asking for the same again, then I SUGGEST THAT you go right to the computer software problem fix of last resort namely a full reinstall.   I have Norton Vault as part of Norton 360 and it took about half an hour; however it only took this long because I could not find the downloaded EXE installation file for the longest while and kept on dumbly downloading Norton Downloader over and over again. (But I tell you it sure beats messing around with Norton support for days or months on end!)  a) Go to Norton Account and delete the current device where you are having the problem,  b) Select download Norton 360. This will first download the Norton Downloader, a ca. 1.1 MB file.  When you click on the Downloader.EXE and to get the full N360 installation download you may loose track of where the install (/uninstall) EXE file really is as it did not show up in my download folder.  To get the full download to work you may have to click the link that shows up for a few seconds when the Installer is running (if you did not see it at first, run Downloader again)  which takes you to where Norton has put the full downloaded install/uninstall file.  When you click the N360 installation file now it is actually does a uninstall and it says so at the top.  Select SAVE SETTINGS OPTION.  c) When Norton 360 is fully uninstalled (except for personal settings and data) the computer will be restarted. d) Now go back to Norton Account and to Devices where now the current problem device is absent, and click on the Download Norton 360 AGAIN (large button to the right).  This fixes the problem with Norton Vault on my Chrome and IE browsers.  (This latest fix dated March 5, 2016; I think I did the same once before but could not find any note on it so now I am putting this note into my computer referenced data document folder for next time this happens.  Norton support  has historically been a disaster for me -- worse than useless.  Once I let a Norton tech into my machine (I think for this very problem!!) and he rebooted my computer without warning me and the computer crashed, so that then I had to do a full factory Windows reinstall and had to reinstall all my other software as well.  I will never let a Norton tech into any computer of mine ever again.).

PS A post elsewhere points to a fix of Vault problem with an uninstall/reinstall but using some special Norton software rather than the standalone procedure I have outlined here.



Re: Recurrent Problem with Starting Norton Vault (a Fix)


Thanks for sharing that info.

In addition to the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool you mentioned, there is also another suggested fix of signing out of your Norton Account on the main page of the UI and then logging back into your Norton Account and then into your Vault.

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