Refund of trial subscription like lock order # AP1415517884

How do I go about cancelling a trial subscription for lifelock.

I accidently signed up for it and it was charged to my paypal account.

Would really like to talk to a person not a robot.

My order number is AP1415517884 that needs to be refunded.

Thanks Steve



Re: Refund of trial subscription like lock order # AP1415517884

Norton Community does not have access to your Norton account, subscription details nor payment method. 
Please Contact Norton Support regarding your subscription/refund/_______. 

LifeLock by Norton Contact Information

https://www.lifelock.com/ - 1-800-416-0599 

LifeLock Customer Service - 1-800-LifeLock - 1 (800) 543-3562
LifeLock Identity Theft Protection services - 855-993-1976
Cybersecurity department for LifeLock - 800-745-6061

LifeLock by Norton Cancellation and Refund Policy

Caveat: I do not run LifeLock plan. 

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