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Registry issues with no solution to fix with current Utilities

I'm a long term Norton 360 and Utilities user.

Some time ago I had to remove my Utilities 16 and opted for the free Utilities Premium that was offered on my account. It does wonderfully for all my speed up and maintenance needs. However, I did not realize I had lost the registry cleaner. Now I have received a notification that I have {many} registry issues on my PC and need to install yet another Utilities product to get this function back!

I understand the publicised reason for this this being removed in Premium (MS discourages use of registry cleaners). However, I don't understand why Ultimate came out with that functionality back in, and no replacement for a functionality I had back in 16!
What else does Ultimate have that my Premium does not, that would warrant me having to pay for yet another brand of Utilities?

Is there an addon, or a separate tool even, that I can use that does the same reliable job that 16 did (and presumably Ultimate does) that I can use?
I am now sitting with a PC that Norton tells me I need to clean, and I have no way to know whether this is true, much less being able to use my existing Norton tools to clean it up. Please help.



Re: Registry issues with no solution to fix with current Utilities

Try CCleaner.

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