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Reguest for Norton to add VPN on/off toggle to My Norton shortcut

The My Norton shortcut currently has on/off toggles for Disable Auto Protect and Turn on Silent Model on the My Norton shortcut.  Would it be possible for Norton to also add a simple on/off toggle for VPN to that shortcut? 

Why am I requesting this?:   The IMAP for my Hotmail program only recognizes my unique IP address.  If my email program is opened after Norton VPN is turned on, I receive a error message that it will not recognize my IP address.  I next get an email that states that an unauthorized person tried to log into my email account.

So, prior to opening my email account, I have to open My Norton and turn off VPN., so that I can log into my email account.  Once I log into Hotmail, I then have to go to My Norton and turn VPN on again.  This is a never ending story that continues throughout the day.  I'm sure there are thousands of other Norton subscribers who would appreciate an on/off toggle being added to the My Norton shortcut. 

How complicated is this modification?  How long would it take to it add to the program?  Once completed, it could easily be sent to all customers in an update.

I have been using Norton products for many years and rate them highly.  I am currently subscribed to Norton 360 and Lifelock.  Added VPN back when it was first introduced by Norton. 

I would appreciate a response back to my inquiry.  This is my second request - first was made 2-8-21, and never received a reply.


Dan Leppo