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Remote Desktop (Win 7) Woes on Home Network with Norton Security 2015

Hi! I have two identical PCs on a home network running Windows 7 64 bit. On both machines, Remote Desktop services are enabled, but I can't remote into the other PC. Error says to check to make sure that services are started, that PC is on the network, etc. I can see files on the other PC just fine.

Even though Norton Security 2015 takes over Firewall function, I ensured that Windows Firewall allowed remote connections, but no luck. I then disabled Norton Security firewall on both, no success.

Both PCs also run K9 Web Filter and Malware Bytes.

Any suggestions are much appreciated. Many thanks.



Re: Remote Desktop (Win 7) Woes on Home Network with Norton Security 2015

Hi, Adam. Is Remote Management in Norton settings enabled ?

Does K9 and/or Malwarebytes run in real time ?

It might be worth runiing the Norton Remove and Reinstall on one or both machines, to ensure you have a clean install.

http://www.norton.com/nrnr If used, please run Live Update until no more are found, and check the Before you begin note on the download page.  Rebooting after, may also help.

Windows 10 Home X 64

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