Removal of Anti theft protection

As a customer who has for many years paid into the deluxe subscription for the specific purpose utilizing the anti theft products i find it in poor taste that norton removes this. it is a bad idea that norton remove it at all. it's probably your best product. it's one of the main reason for my subscription. anti theft on my phone and tablets allow me to track my phone if stolen and photograph anyone accessing the phone with my camera, along with gps tracking. it has the sim card lock and keeps people from powering down the phone to keep it from being tracked.

many people like me have paid into your service for this specific purpose. removing it means i no longer have any need for the deluxe subscription. i only have 1 laptop to protect and i don't take it with me so i don't need to worry about theft. i got a galaxy s10+ and while it has some security on it...it doesn't have tracking and picture capture on it.

i would ask that you keep these products available and continue to support them.