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Remove banners from dashboard


Given the unethical move of Norton "Security" product to get involved in crypto mining, I am starting to dis-trust the company and their models.

That aside, I have followed the instructions to remove the crypto executable, but the stupid annoying green banner at the top is still there.

In addition to this, I now have a stupid annoying box at the bottom covering up half of my options trying to sell me AntiTrack.

Whilst I know the Norton narrative seems to be "It is opt-in", I don't want these constant banners appearing.  Support advised me yesterday to change a setting to disable promotions and offers which I had already found and disabled but it didn't help.  Still, they insisted to restart my PC and not to worry and all would be sorted, but guess what, it didn't and they are still there.

So, how do you remove these annoying banners from appearing?  I don't want them.  If I ever change my mind, I am clever enough to do research to find out how to buy them, or how to enable the settings.  Can't be that hard to add an "X" to it to say that I am not interested and to stop harassing me.

Next year, after probably 20+ years of Norton, I will be saying goodbye to it as I no longer trust Norton.

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Re: Remove banners from dashboard

Actually, does anyone know what exact criteria is used and what is searched in order to assess whether or not my hardware is eligible?

I will edit my system to make it report back incompatible hardware if possible.

Thanks in advance

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