Remove Norton password manager from screen

I briefly installed Norton password manager, but removed it due to work approving another password manager site we could use on our computers.  So I am now trying to remove it from my home computer.

Everytime I try to enter a username and password Norton's comes up over my new password manager.  They are both faded onto the fields I need to fill in.  I can use my new password manger, but it would be helpful to get rid of the Norton one that is faded in over the one I want to use.  How do I get rid of the Norton autofill button on the login fields?  This is using Microsoft edge browser. 


Accepted Solution

Re: Remove Norton password manager from screen

I fixed my own problem.  I used the settings button in top right corner "..."  I think I right clicked Norton password manage and found an uninstall button there.  Norton still works, and my fields are free of the clutter.

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