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Removing Crypto

So to be as professional and blunt as possible. I want your service stopped and off my system. I have the means and can forcibly remove anything I wish off my device but, am here to try and resolve this as simply as possible. I wanted to try out this program and when I saw it is one that uses CPU/GPU to mine I do not want to burn the amount of electric and cooling power needed to run these rigs. Many of your users are new or unaware of how Etherium mining works and this is a great way for lawsuits. You are putting customer computers at risk of being fried by overloading their devices if the GPU is not strong enough and properly equipped for the cooling needed for this. So I am kindly asking how do you plan to rectify this so that we may remove your service from our devices should we choose to do so. This is why I am always hesitant with any Norton products as they are always very resource hungry and aggressively installed on devices where users have to jump many hurdles to remove something from their device. This is a form of device hijacking and needs to stop. Please provide a solution and quick. I wanted to try it to see and it burns a lot of time and power and for the way your systems are setup we could potentially be burning out our devices in hopes of maybe a couple dollars and I stress "maybe" gain some money over the course of potentially months and at the risk of destroying devices. Thanks for your cooperation and I look forward to a response and resolution. 

I am on Windows 10 and can not remove the Ncrypt.exe without going through technical means such as third party software or by brute force removal risking breaking the AV and having to re-install it all again.