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Renew licence help needed.

At the moment, I have 3 keys, 2 of these are in use. I will be purchasing a single licence for my renewal. When added to my Norton account, will Norton give me the choice to choose which of the two PC's the key will activate on? What will actually happen? If I update the key, will one PC get the extra year, and will the other PC carry on until the expiry date? I have 60 days remaining. The reason why I am asking, is because the other PC will be getting a different security when Norton expires. Could someone shed some light on how this will work please.



Re: Renew licence help needed.

First, go into your Norton Account and be sure the Auto Renewal is turned off for your current subscription. You might also remove your billing information, just to ensure you are not charged a renewal fee for your current 3 device subscription.

When you purchase your new 1 device subscription, you need to understand how the Norton purchases work, If you purchase this new product key directly from Norton, your subscription time on that key will start when you make the payment. So you want to wait until you have only one or two days remaining on the old subscription so you do not lose any time.

If you purchase from another reputable retailer, the subscription time starts when you enter the product key into your product. In this scenario, you can purchase ahead of time if you find a good price, then wait until a day or two left on the old subscription and enter the new key to renew on the one computer you will be using Norton.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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