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This forum thread needs a solution.

Renew vs New Subscription

Once again I will be going through the annual Norton renew/new subscription decision.

Maybe somebody connected with Norton/Symantec can please explain why getting a new subscription/license is usually substantially more costly than purchasing a brand new license.  That just doesn't make any sense to me at all.

I think that's probably true again this year but I haven't gone to the trouble of trying to get a renewal price.  Maybe someone connected with Norton/Symantec can please explain why it's so hard to get a renewal price (it looks like you have to go through most of the order process to learn of the renewal price).

I think I am probably on my eighth consecutive year of getting a new subscription instead of renewing.

In case I do decide to get a new subscription it looks like I will have to get Norton Security Deluxe if I want multiple devices for one year.  Maybe someone connected with Norton/Symantec can please explain why the names/features keep changing.  I'm not even sure if "renewing" my current Norton Security will renew to Norton Security Deluxe.

I would appreciate guidance on how best to install a new Norton Security Deluxe license (probably purchased from Amazon) on a current Norton Security license.   I know that this should be done at or close to the expiration date for the previous license and would like this to go smoothly.  I would also like to make sure I can turn off the autorenew.

Thanks as always for Forum Help/Guidance.



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Re: Renew vs New Subscription

Borrowing Guru Dick Evan's famous words:

"Welcome to the wonderful world of marketing.

Symantec sells its products directly and through retail partners. Part of the agreement with those partners is that Symantec will not undercut the pricing of these partners. The partners in turn are free to set the price at whatever level they are comfortable with for their profit margins.

The price for a subscription Renewal is often more expensive and reflects a "Convenience Fee" for those that do not want to spend time searching for lower pricing, or risk forgetting to renew the subscription and risk losing their security protection.

This has been discussed many times on these forums, so Symantec is aware of the users concerns."

The "name game" continues and is really a PITA for all concerned.  That said Norton Security Deluxe is the old Norton Security -both with 5 licenses.  Norton Security Premier is the old Norton Security with Backup - both with 10 licenses. 

My 2¢!   It appears they are being driven by marketing in lieu of common sense in the naming and renaming.

This chart may help.

The NS Deluxe can be installed over the top of your current NS - provided you have no problems with your current NS install.  If encountering problems I would suggest an uninstall, run the Norton Removal Tool and then a clean install of NS Deluxe.

Once installed, you can go to your Norton Account and from the Home Page select Automatic Renewal Settings (right hand side of the Home Tab).  I also go to My Account > Billing Info and remove any credit card info that may still be there.

Hope that answers your questions - if not - ask away!


Re: Renew vs New Subscription

Yes, spend 30 minutes to save yourself $$$$.

Also, a PITA is the fact that the US store has more options that the Asia Pacific store - I can't buy a 10-user license in Australia!!!

Get "Global", Norton!!!!


Re: Renew vs New Subscription

...and on BlackFriday, CyberMonday (which seems to last a week now) I got DELUXE for $14.99 after Rebate.

If it ain't broke, fix it 'til it is!

Re: Renew vs New Subscription

As well as being $20 more, the hassle of adding a new subscription is substantial compared to upgrading. But I think this is just due to sloppy coding and poor testing.

I say this because the manager is happy to let you add a different activation code to a computer. It just doesn't work.

If you do it from the individual computer instead of Manager, it works fine.

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