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Renewal Cost

Why is the renewal price for my 360 Deluxe higher than a new subscription?  Should I cancel my renewal and start a new service?



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Users may stop automatic renewal service and remove payment details after setup. 
Users may always shop &or reputable vendors for best $.
Users may always discuss Norton subscription $ with Norton Official Support.

If you are referring to the price for renewing your subscription directly from Norton, the renewal prices are always more expensive than purchasing a new subscription, either directly from Norton or from reputable retailers. This is similar to many other subscription services that offer a discounted price for new customers and the renewal will be at the then 'regular' price. 
You are free to turn off automatic renewal and purchase from a less expensive seller. 

Next time when activating a Norton Product Key just go straight to or and activate the key, after that you can indeed put in the key in the Norton on your PC (Help, Enter Product Key) and deactivate Automatic Renewal on 

First, log into your Norton Account and be sure that you do not have Automatic Renewal set up for your current subscription. Then at or very near expiry of your current subscription, open the classic Norton interface by right clicking on the Norton icon in the system tray, then click on Open Norton 360. Click on Help > Enter Product Key at the  bottom right. Then follow the prompts to enter the new key you purchased. 

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Re: Renewal Cost

Norton 360 Renewal 'Stick Around' Offer

May be best to turn off automatic renewal service and remove payment details.   

Stop your Norton subscription from automatically renewing

Norton Virus Protection Promise
You must have an automatically renewing device security subscription with antivirus for the virus removal service.

Sure, shop around for best $.  

  • Users report Norton pulls recurring subscription payment 30-45 days before current term expiry. 

FAQ: Norton subscription and renewal

  • We send a notification email before each upcoming annual renewal (usually about 50-65 days ahead), so that you are not caught off-guard. This notification email provides important information, such as the price for the next annual term, and the subscription renewal and billing dates. This helps you to adjust your protection plan according to your needs.

Learn more about your automatically renewing subscription

  • For annual subscriptions, we send you an email with the renewal price, the billing date, and related details before any charge occurs so that you know it is coming.

Norton annual and monthly subscription refunds

  • Norton annual subscriptions include a 60-day Money Back Guarantee. Under our 60-day Money Back Guarantee, the purchase of a Norton annual subscription is eligible for a full refund, if requested within 60 days of the purchase date. Each annual renewal payment is also eligible for a full refund, if requested within 60 days of being charged.

Cancellation & Refund Request


Re: Renewal Cost

As we all know, it is much much cheaper to buy a key at a fraction of the price of auto renewal

What has always annoyed me is that when I need to apply my key, typically when the renewal nags start, I have to start a chat session to have my existing days left added to my new key 365 days

Surely it's not above Norton developers to perform the maths to save support time ?

Maybe the developers are being stopped from doing this ?


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i dont know if it has changed or not but they did or still do require payment ( card or otherwise) for auto renewal otherwise tells you to cancel and your done ( that is you cant use the product)

if you turn off the auto renewal

i find it easier and better to go into a store and purchase one of the cards there


Re: Renewal Cost

Auto-renewal costs about six times a new subscription?? 


Re: Renewal Cost

Subscription Renewal Price List: Effective September 2023


Re: Renewal Cost

Sandy Shore, yes