Renewal emails

My product is Norton 360 Deluxe. I received an email to renew for $54.99. But try as I can Norton will not let me renew. I offered me an upgrade Free to Norton 360 Premium 1 for the next 45 days. Then $124.00 for a year. I don't need or want Premium 1. I have only 3 devices and I don't need Cloud backup which seems to be the main difference between Deluxe and Premium 1. If they don't want to honor these emails as stated they should not send them out. I could not find a phone number nor could I reach anyone with chat that could help me. All chat did was refer me to support which I could not find any option to renew at $54.99. So right now I'm feeling not too great about Norton. I have used Norton for a number of years and it has always been good for me, but I am disappointed.



Re: Renewal emails

I'd urge you to reach out to Norton Official Support, again.
Sometimes, the next Support agent may be more helpful. 
I'm hoping Norton Official Support will honor your email renewal offer...if that's what you want. 

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Re: Renewal emails

My subscription is up for renewal soon and I have received multiple emails per day from Norton all with different prices for renewing my product right now.

One email even had a very low price and then said by renewing now it would take an extra 50% off the price at checkout from the listed price in the email. I am not sure how or why they do this but it does make for a very uncomfortable feeling about the subscription process.

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