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Renewal offer of £34.99 becomes £109.99 when I click confirm

My subscription expires in a months time. On two of my PCs I've seen the same offer pop up from the Norton app. today: "Norton 360 Premium - 2 years for £34.99"  When I click "Confirm Subscription" to accept the offer I just get taken to the Norton UK home page and the discounted offer disappears. I'm just left with the standard price subscriptions - the ten device cover I was offered is now £109.99.

I had a similar experience last year & it's such a waste of my time. I can buy a 1 year licence on Amazon even cheaper (this is what I did last year) but thought I'd try to renew through Norton (again) for convenience but yet again the process failed. It's extremely frustrating & is clearly losing Norton direct sales & revenue (I'm very tempted to switch to McAfee or another provider). I will, no doubt, just do my renewal via Amazon, and save a little cash along the way, unless Norton can make this process work properly for their existing customers. It should be seamless from a company this size.

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Re: Renewal offer of £34.99 becomes £109.99 when I click confirm

Looking at your image, that looks like pricing for a new subscription. Not a renewal. It even notes what the renewal price would be, which is close to 100 pounds.

You can try contacting Norton Support and asking them to honour the price you were offered.   If using the chat function, as soon as you can enter any information, enter "agent please". That will get you out of the chat bot and connected to a human.

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