Renewal price is much more expensive than a new license

After more than 10 years using Norton antiviruses products, Norton has send an e-mail about next year renewal price, that's 99,99€ for Norton Security Premium (in Spain). Well, the purchsing price for a new license of the same product is 39,99€ for 1 year!!

I really don't understant this comercial policy, Norton is scorning actual costumers or they think we're stupids!

Last renewal, 2 years ago, I had to purchase a new license, I paid 79,99€ for 2 years, and the price of renewal was 99,99€ per year.

I think this time I'm going to explore other antivirus companies that really take care of their costumers.



Re: Renewal price is much more expensive than a new license

This has been discussed forever in these forums. Norton uses a marketing strategy not unlike the communications companies. You get an introductory price for a new subscription and then the 'regular' price kicks in for subsequent years.

What most here do is disable the Automatic Renewal and find a better price from reputable retailers. Then wait for one or two days remaining on the current subscription before entering the new product key. If you do not wait, you will lose any remaining time on the current subscription.

Before you switch products, check their support forums to see if they do the same pricing methods.

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