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This forum thread needs a solution.

Renewal through product

I am currently running NIS  I am up for renewal in 23 days.

Last year, I renewed by purchasing a key code through Amazon, which was considerably cheaper than renewing through my product.

When I went on Amazon today to check on the new product, Norton Security, I saw that the price for 1 device (which is all I have) had now been lowered to the same price as for 5 devices.  So, I was considering doing that, until......

I saw that the most recent reviewer on that product (NS-1 device) said that his renewal through his product (NIS) was only $29.99, and it was his contention that it would be better to do that than to "jump through hoops" to go to the new product.

My question for now is, if I just opt to renew my subscription for NIS through my product, at what point in the process am I told what the price will be, and am I told the price BEFORE I am committed/my credit card charged?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Renewal through product

AngelaBeth: My question for now is, if I just opt to renew my subscription for NIS through my product, at what point in the process am I told what the price will be, and am I told the price BEFORE I am committed/my credit card charged?

the point in the process is when you see the price and absolutely before you agree to the terms...at any time before you agree you may close window.  No harm.  No foul.  Step through views and carefully read and understand.  Do not agree unless you understand and agree.   If you purchase direct.  Your credit card information will populate to your Norton account.  Just so you know. 


Re: Renewal through product

hi AngelaBeth

You will be advised of the cost before making payment you will also need to complete a few personal details first, you can go through the procedure without making a purchase. On the main Norton window you will see at the bottom Subscription Status followed by the number of days or the words Active. Click on this which will take you through the easy to follow links to be able to renew. you can purchase by renewal at any time which will add the number of days to the time remaining on your current subscription.

Renewing through the NIS UI will only renew your existing product not allow you to purchase a different product. If you would like to use Norton Security for 1/5 devices you will have to purchase that separately from the renewal system.

Norton Security would then need to be downloaded and installed however, the installation will deal with the uninstall of your current NIS.

I hope this answers your question, should you need any assistance please return to the Forum where we will be pleased to help.



Re: Renewal through product

Thank you both very much for your help, and for replying so quickly!

Michaelsalis, yes, I am aware that renewing through my product does not get me the new NS product.  That is really the basis for my post, because I am trying to make the decision whether to go to the new product a day or so before my NIS expires.

Thank you anyway, for pointing out that renewal would not get me the new product.

I have read here on this forum, and elsewhere, that there have been quite a number of problems with installing the new product without removing NIS first.  If I do decide to go to the new product, I would probably go through the NIS uninstall, using both the Windows add/remove feature, as well as NRT, and then install the new product......just to be on the safe side.

I don't use BU (I do my own backups), nor do I use Identity Safe.  I am the only user and only have the one desktop PC. 

What would be the advantages for me to go to the new product?

Thanks again!


Re: Renewal through product

Well, I just read a Norton page comparing all the old Norton products to the new NS products, and unless I missed something, it appears that, in my case, there are no advantages to going over to NS.

I did discover the renewal for my current NIS is only $29.99, so that is the way I will go!

Thanks again for the reassurance to attempt the renewal process to find out the cost!  

This forum is wonderful!

Best wishes!


Re: Renewal through product

hi AngelaBeth

Personally am in agreement with you about the method of installing NS where NIS was previously installed.

For most users the main advantage of NS line of products is that users may install on more in number devices which would include Apple, Android and iOS. This for you is obviously not an issue.

The replaced products have been updated to be similar to the new so that they are compatible with Windows 10 it would seem that it is unlikely that they will be updated further in the future as they are to be discontinued at some yet to be announced date. They of course will continue to receive definition updates for the length of your subscription.

The new line of products will continue to be updated with enhancements and improvements regularly as Norton products always have been in the past.


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