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Renewal update from NS Standard to NS Deluxe question

My NS Standard is expiring on my old computer.  I now also have a second new computer on which I want to install NS.

I have a renewal offer from Norton to renew either the NS Standard or at renewal to upgrade to NS Deluxe for the same price.

I dont want any features beyond NS Standard and I dont want to have to uninstall my exisiting program, just looking for a 12 month extension on existing, and ability to install NS Standard on my new computer.

I know if I simply renew the NS Standard, all it does it extend the program date. No muss or fuss.

I was told via Norton chat that NS Deluxe is EXACTLY the same  as NS Standard, only it can be used on up to 5 devices.  However; because NS Deluxe would be a different subscription, I would have to download/install/or something like that my existing NS Standard program to have it changed over (which I dont really want to do).

Is this correct?   I can't just select a renewal on NS Deluxe and simply have it extend the term of my existing NS Standard install (like it would if I just renewed as NS Standard) using 1 of the 5 installs available??

If not what exactly needs to be done to my existing install?  In detail, please.

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Re: Renewal update from NS Standard to NS Deluxe question

Hi Lexus2456:

I don't think it should be necessary to re-install Norton Security (NS) on your old machine.

According to the product comparison chart on their U.S. site <here> the only main feature difference between the two products is that NS Standard is a single device license while NS Deluxe is a 5-device license (i.e., both come with the Norton Smart Firewall but no Norton Backup) and you will also be able to manage installations for NS Deluxe on multiple devices from your online Norton Account as long as Settings | Administrative Settings | Remote Management is enabled.  The Norton online store is currently selling a 1-year / 5-device license for NS Deluxe for $39.99 US but you might be able to find it on sale for a better price from a local retailer like Best Buy or from a reputable online re-seller like amazon.com or newegg.com.  I found NS Premium on sale at Staples for $19.99 CDN but don't want to use Norton Backup so I used the new product key to renew my subscription and simply disabled the backup feature.

Norton v22.12 introduced a feature called Single Layout (see the Jan 2018 product update announcement <here>) that should make it simpler to switch between different products, so as far as I know you should be able to purchase a 5-device license for NS Deluxe and then enter the 25-character product key at Help | Product Information | Add Product Key in your NS Standard interface to switch it to your NS Deluxe license. As soon as the NS Deluxe product key is activated on one of your machines that will reset the countdown for days remaining to 365 days for both your machines since they will both be using the same license and product key.

32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.8.1 * Norton Security Premium v22.14.2.13

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