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Renewing seems more expensive


I have Norton 360 and it is up for renewal soonish, I pressed the renew button and it says a year would cost £64.99.

I have looked on other parts of the Norton website, found another renewal link which quotes £54.99.

I also saw there is a discount of 40/50% on buying Norton 360 new for like £25.

Why does it seem so expensive to renew, should I just buy Norton 360 again fresh, I'd get a code either way which I can enter.

Let me know what you think.



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Re: Renewing seems more expensive

The Norton Website pages do tend to be inconsistent .....

I suggest you  contact the Norton OnLine Support Team via the CHAT link as below which  uses your computer keyboard and not the phone and say you want to renew your subscription at the price you mention for the purchase .... and if they say you can't then say you want to buy it ... and if there is still a problem then look for reputable sources at stores or on line and buy a copy.

Just remember that when you buy a copy and use a new KEY it wipes out unexpired time and although we hear the Support Team is good at adding this back in this is a concession and not a right. So if you are doing this the simple way is to wait until a couple of days before expiry and use the new key then.

With that special deal you found you may need to make sure that you don't lose days if you take it up.

To contact customer support Click on this link https://www.norton.com/chat   and work on from there.

Please let us know how you get on ....


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