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Requested Feature : Time Extention request Sent by Email

Having a way to "extend time" for a specific child and machine when I'm not at home

This could take the form of an Email sent by the system when my childs request a time extension from the a specific computer. the email could say something like this

"You just receive a time extension request from ChildNameHere on the computer ComputerNameHere.  Your child requested a 2 hours extension.  Do you Accept?  ButtonYes  ButtonNo.

Example of Use case
1-The child right click on the Norton family
2-The child click on "Send a time Extension request"
3-At the popup, the child choose  how much time it need for the extension request
4-The child click on Send...
5-The System send an Time Extension request email to the parent(s)
6-If the a parent click the "Yes" button in the email, the request is granted.

Currently it's a pain.  Now what I have to do is to answer the phone call from my child,  and if I decided that it is appropriate, I have to log on in the Norton Family Web Site and change the rule  for that specific child , machine and day.   And since I forget often to reset the original rules I end up with a lot of mess in my rules . ...

Please help :) and consider my requested feature.



Re: Requested Feature : Time Extention request Sent by Email

Thanks for the suggestion. I've edited my original post with the following information.

You can use the Local Extend Time Feature to get what you request.  Once the child machine is locked out with a Fake-Desktop.

The child can call up parent to provide the 4-digit PIN to extend the time Locally.  Parent can share the PIN with the child to extend the time on that particular device for that day.  In this case child can extend it for 2 hours and parent will also get a notification on time extension.  Later parent can change the PIN from portal, so that the child will not be able to use the PIN again.


PIN can be used only in Fake Desktop screen.  If you use the “Extend Time” feature from tray icon menu it will prompt for parent credentials.



Thanks Katie

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