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Require URL for NIS on IOS?

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to enter login information on NIS without also entering a URL? I've tried it and it wont let me save logins unless there is an accompanying URL to go with it. I have several logins that may not be for an online site that I want to save. For instance, a login for standalone software, or the login information for my personal computer. I guess I could save this information in the notes section, but that kind of defeats the purpose of NIS.


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Re: Require URL for NIS on IOS?

Hi Rwoody81 - Welcome to The Norton Community.

As far as i know from my use of Norton Identity Safe ( NID Safe ) for Apple iOS mobile devices

and Android mobile devices NID Safe can only be used with websites and a URL when using the

default browser for the NID Safe app or when using a computer with the NID Safe toolbar and a

compatible browsers.

The Vault logins that are created cannot be applied to standalone programs with PC;s or for mobile

devices and any installed applications other than NID Safe.

It would be a great feature if this was possible, perhaps if you add a post and the idea to the Product

Suggestions forum in the Norton Community using the link below -


I hope that info i have supplied helps. :)



Re: Require URL for NIS on IOS?


We are working on enhancing this feature to support both methods-- url and non url. 

For now you can enter something in that field and it should allow you to save.

Like http://ABC.

Clearly the auto filling feature may not work.

For Mobile if you do not enter something in the site url field it will default to the user name thus making it appear like you have duplicates-- when really you don't. 

Please let me know if this works.

IDSafe Mobile Team