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Reset Full System Scan

I need to reset my full scan, as when you cancel it and go back it saves your progress. I would rather not wait it out because the full scan takes a while.


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Re: Reset Full System Scan

Hi, 12thedits. What is your operating system ? If Windows 10, it needs to be completely shut down for Norton to correctly operate.

Also Fast Start Up should be disabled, as this can cause issues as well.

Regarding the Full Scan situation, you can go to the main UI, Settings/Antivirus/Scans and Risks/Full System Scan/Configure, and set to manual.

Before you run the full scan, select the Security tab in the UI, Run Scans and select Norton Insight.

When the All Running Processes scan has completed, select ALL FILES from the drop down menu, and run it.

This will ensure subsequent scans are much quicker, as only new and changed files will be scanned.

Windows 10 Home X 64

Re: Reset Full System Scan

Thank you!!

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