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Restore File Insight Threat

I run NIS 18.6 on a Win 7 Dell Laptop. I downloaded a 300MB RAR file of fonts which was immediately removed by Norton File Insight. Is there a way to restore the RAR file as I'm pretty sure that its threat-free.



Re: Restore File Insight Threat

Hello and welcome to Norton Community.

Norton File insight can not remove any files from your computer. it only checks the information about the file you are downloading to your computer, to see if the file are good or bad and gives you a recommendation what you can choose to do.

It sounds like you are haveing SONAR activity on your computer and SONAR are removing these files from your copmputer, so check your Norton history and then check SONAR history to see if you have had any activity thier.

Have you got any message about SONAR Activity on your computer.

SONAR Checks file and program activity, to see if the file or program are suspicious, and i think that is what is happening on your computer.

Can you give us more information about from where you are downloading this file from and what which internet web browser you are useing, like are you useing Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer..

and replay in the same topic would you...


Re: Restore File Insight Threat

I use Google Chrome & it was a Torrent File that I downloaded using uTorrent. 

Just checked History to find it was Download Insight that deleted it. WS.Reputation.1

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