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Restore Not Restoring a 25 gig backup

I ran restore from the Norton Online Backup and it ran at 0% for 15 hours before I gave up. I got in touch with the online Customer Service and the tech could not figure it out. The only thing that he came up with was that it takes time. An entire day? My connection is the fastest that Cox has. My computer is a quad core with 6 gig of ram. Running vista with all the updates. I am currently running a 8 gig restore that is currently at 15% after 10 hours. I have never run into this type of latency. What could be causing this? The ticket that they gave me is


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Re: Restore Not Restoring a 25 gig backup

Also, I worked with a Tech this morning for 3 hours. The Tech advised me that we should break up the restore. My questions are this:Why is this process so complicated? If the process is suppose to take over 12 hours then Norton should let the customer know this. I am a Norton user and a Network Professional. I recommend your product to every customer I take care of. I do this because I really like your products. This issue has me more than a little concerned. I have customers that have bought more than 100 gigs of online space from you. I had no idea that the process of Restoring the data would take days. Can you give me an estimate how long average it will take with the amount of data? I know it depends on speed, computer ect.. I have the best of all the above and it has taken me over 12 hours already for the 8 gigs. Thank you for your help. Norton is the best out there for virus protection. I am wondering if data protection/recovery is equally as proficient.

Robert Salazar

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Re: Restore Not Restoring a 25 gig backup

Well I have been researching this problem now for the past 3 days and have found some good information. This is not an issue just with Norton. All the Online companies have the same issue. It takes days to restore a typical backup. No way around it. One of the issues is that the ISP does limit the amount of bandwidth per day and per month. Then the files must be de-crypted and cataloged prior to even being restored. So the answer to my own issue is this:

Be patient. It takes what it takes. There should be some sort of guidline put out by Norton thou. That list the average time it would take per gig to restore.


Re: Restore Not Restoring a 25 gig backup

Well, this is day three. Twice I was online with tech support controling my PC. The last time was for two hours, or more. He gave up and said his Manager was taking over and to please wait. I waited for over a half hour. Now it was three AM and I couldn't keep my eyes open. Finally yesterday I reloaded the back up program and was able to start another download.

That was about twenty hours ago. So far it has loaded 156 MB. My backup is 14GB! This will take a week! Then I am not sure what to do because the only way I could get it to download was to my desk top. I have read everything and nothing tells me how to get those files from the desktop back to where they belong!

This backup is VERY important to me! Now I am losing sleep over this!


Re: Restore Not Restoring a 25 gig backup


I am also having the same problem. And I just need fraction of the file. Takes about 1 hour just to get ONE FILE. This is just UNACCEPTABLE. I had just give up NOBU. Unfortunately, I will not renew NOBO signature. Just this. I am now using old fashion and good local backup, and I have found another on-line service MORE EFFICCIENT, and that JUST WORKS.

NOBO is a terrible deception. I just wanted my money back, thats all. I just dont know how to get my money back. Symantec is just fooling us. I am also thinking about just unninstall ALL NORTON PRODUCTS from my computer and I am telling EVERBODY that I now, including my 5.000 patients and medical 750 friends and all from facebook about NORTON deception.

norton backup is a fraud!


Re: Restore Not Restoring a 25 gig backup

I found what the problem is with very very slow restoring.

It is when the Norton backup program is removing their encryption from the stored files it takes them forever to "prepare the file for restoration." It is not the actual downloading of the file, as that happens pretty fast, with the bandwidth I have. So far I am about 80 hours into trying to download my files. The Norton folks are working on my problem. Hopefully they will have a solution quickly!

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Re: Restore Not Restoring a 25 gig backup

This may help as well...

There appears to be some common misconceptions of how the restore process works with Norton Online Backup. The following should help clear up some of these questions and alleviate some of the possible aggravation you may experience.

For starters when you run a restore there are several factors to consider:

  1. The amount of data you've previously backed up.
  2. The length of time you've been backing up.
  3. The number of times you've stopped and restarted it without letting the prior request complete.

The first time you perform a backup a full copy of the files you've selected for backup are transmitted to our data centers. Subsequent backups send only he incremental changes uploaded along with any new files you've added since the last completed backup. Each one of the completed backups is then retained for later access and to help provide a full restore of any available date you opt to restore. Also as part of that backup process the data you're backing up is encrypted and compressed for secure transmission and storage.

When it comes time to restore your data your request is submitted to the servers for processing. That request has to first grab the first part of the file which is retrieved from the first instance that file exists in the backup set. In order to ensure you get the latest copy it will then also have to also get all the incremental parts from all those other backup sets. Once it has all the parts needed to re-construct your files the service will then download, in that same encrypted and compressed packet, place the data on your system and you can then access the content.

The Restore in Progress and Preparing Server message is the restore job doing all the work I've described above. Since it is a resource intensive process its all handed server side. That way all your machine has to really do, besides wait, is download the data and extract it. It can also be a time intensive process depending on how much data it has to process before it can grab the files you've requested.  

What will make the process longer is if you manually cancel a restore. Every time you decide to cancel a restore job and start another immediately after the servers have to cancel the prior request. Depending on how far along it is in that gathering and building phase it can take some time. 

So in short think of this whole process like a giant puzzle. If it doesn't have all the pieces it won't be able to correctly retrieve your information. When its interrupted, pieces missing so to speak, it makes the whole process all the more arduous. If you start the process and leave it to work it will work just fine.

 With all of this taken into consideration a majority of cases don’t need a manual restore – just time to let the restore process run its natural course. Those types of requests can take longer than if you let the restore run its own natural course and really should be reserved for when there are technical issues that go above and beyond. 


Re: Restore Not Restoring a 25 gig backup

I am trying to restore 29 GB of data.  One problem I had was Windows would interrupt the process with an automatic update and restart the computer.  I have disabled all automatic updates, but I have been in Server preparing restore mode since June 22.  I have zero restored files on my computer.  Is this really how it works? 

People on this forum keep asking how long should it take.  Will this take 60 days?  6 months?  I'm lucky this is a home PC with files that are not essential to my business. 

We won't be using Norton products professionally and I certainly won't buy anymore storage.  I wont live long enough to use it.


Re: Restore Not Restoring a 25 gig backup


Let's keep this in the other thread you created and not add anything further to a solved thread. You'll see a reply in there from me momentarily.

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