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restoring backed up PC files to a new Mac computer

I backed up files from a PC running Windows 7 and the PC died and is unrepairable.  If I get a new iMac computer, is it possible to restore the backed-up files to the Mac machine, or only to a Windows-based PC?   Thank you.


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Re: restoring backed up PC files to a new Mac computer

Hello Vivaldi

Yes, it is possible to restore the data. As long as you first ensure to Add Computer onto the Mac. That will let you direct the restore from the Windows backup to the Mac in whole rather than downloading individual files. The only issues you're going to run into is possible file formatting differences and directory structure differences. Most common applications are shared between the two platforms though so as long as you have them installed you should be able to open them once restored.

Please note the inability to open a file restored to a Mac from a Windows machine is not a function of the service itself. It is application dependent as per my reference above of needing the associated application. You may run into some applications that either don't have a Mac version or may require additional steps to convert the files.

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