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This forum thread needs a solution.

Restoring Norton Backup Does Not Work

I have lodged this issue twice with Norton support and have received no response as to the solution, despite assurances I would be given one. I am using Windows 10 on an i5 Surface Pro 4 laptop.

I completed a backup to Norton's "Secure Cloud Storage" on an old computer which was then replaced on warranty. Expecting to get all of my files back, I reinstalled and opened Norton on the new computer (same account), clicked "Backup", "Restore Files", then "View All". I clicked the refresh button, but found I couldn't see my backups. I attempted viewing the files online which was successful, but the files can only be downloaded one at a time which is unreasonable to use for an 85,000 file backup.

So I went to Norton support who managed to fix the refresh button to their credit. But after I saw the backups, selected the one I wanted and clicked ok to select (and subsequently restore) it, the ok button greyed out and didn't do anything. This issue still persists. When I select a different backup the button becomes yellow again but when I click ok it still does nothing. I am not able to select and restore any of my backups, but am able to make them. I wish to restore all files to their previous position from this "Default Set" backup.

For what it's worth, when I go to the local "Norton Backup Drive" that is accessible through Windows Explorer I can see all my backups that I could see online, but cannot see any of the files inside them or restore anything from their menus like I should be able to.

Thanks to all who help solve this problem with my Norton Backup

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