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Retention of backed-up files in backup sets?

Question about how the backup sets are managed:

Is each backup set just a flat copy of all the files in the set?   Or does the set look at each file, and make a separate copy of the file in the new backup if it was in the previous backup and hasn't changed?   I.e. does the backup set contain separate copies of the files, or just pointers to the file contents, so that unchanged files don't use up extra backup space?

Basically, are the backup sets file-based, or set-based?    If the backups are file-based, then I would expect that after the first backup is done, subsequent backups would not take up too much space; only making backups of changed files.   This is called incremental backups.   So, my question is are these backups incremental in nature?


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Re: Retention of backed-up files in backup sets?

It's not incremental, there is no versioning, only the most recent version of the file is kept.  It's more like a mirror, new files are added and changed files are replaced.


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