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This forum thread needs a solution.

Routing to a LAB subnet

I have 2 routers 1 DLink (router 1) and 1 linksys EA6500 (router 2)  I have the following set up:

Router 1

WAN interface DHCP from ISP

LAN Interface

Router 2

WAN Interface

LAN Interface

Connection is from a LAN port on router 1 to the WAN port on router 2

From a device on the LAB subnet ( I can ping devices on and reach the web

From I can ping,, &, but I cannot ping

Any help as to why I can not ping devices on subnet 2 from subnet 1, but I can ping devices on subnet 1 from subnet 2?

If I disable the firewall on I can ping the device.  I need help adding the firewall rule to allow all traffic to flow between the subnets.

Labels: Firewall