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Previously, I reported a problem with certain links in e-mails that I routinely was able to access.  The original thread was "Website now dangerous wasn't before."

The problem was that Norton was classifying certain links in these e-mails as "suspicious links" and suggested that I enter "Isolation Mode" in order to prevent the "Dangerous Web Page Blocked" screen from coming up.  Since I knew that the content was not a threat, I reported it, mistakenly thinking that someone had flagged this for objectionable political content.  I now know why the links were flagged.

Apparently the URL rs6.net arouses the suspicions of the Norton software that monitors links.  (I think that the URL that created the previous problem was cmail20.com.)  I have found that this is related to the company Constant Contact, which monitors clicks on links for various companies who send e-mail.  I looked at the report on rs6.net and noticed that there were many comments in the past couple of days complaining about the same thing I was.  Apparently some time ago, rs6.net was the URL involved in a phishing incident, and that may be why periodically it is flagged, as cmail20.com was before.  Nevertheless, the fact that this is triggering false alarms about Constant Contact links is certainly going to create turmoil when it flags links, as the comments can attest.  Please investigate and determine whether you can control the flagging of similar sites that are really not a threat.



Re: rs6.net


Re: rs6.net


I will ask Safe Web Team to have a look at this thread.

Please stay tuned to this thread for a response from the Safe Web Team on Thursday night after midnight EDT.

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Accepted Solution

Re: rs6.net

Hi sheldan

We have manually analyzed the site 'rs6.net' and found it to be clean so we have changed its rating to green.



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