Rubbish website

Why when you try to send a message to Norton via there website is it automatically sent to a USA website before you are given the option to choose a UK website. Moreover, why does Norton continually offer more add on software e.g. Driver Updater, Anti-track etc. Is it a dodge to make more money? PLEASE can we have a decent comprehensive software Norton?



Re: Rubbish website

send a message? how?


Norton Official Support is via Chat or Phone.  No Email support. 
Support request generates a case number.
Chat Support offers save & print transcript. 

  ~ Contact Norton Official Support ~

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Do you need Norton Official Support - UK phone number?

Contact Norton Support - UK




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Maybe, Norton Community can help? 
Norton Community does not have access to your Norton account, subscription nor payment details. 
Please Contact Norton Official Support regarding your Norton account/subscription/payment.

Please see your Norton account to manage licenses/subscriptions.


Please post back progress.