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This forum thread needs a solution.

Safe Search Filter Requirment not locked

This relates to my other post about Google Image searches and a child being able to view porn even though the "pornography" category is blocked, but even if you have the safe filter feature enabled a child can disable it and search anything they want.

The safe search re-enables when the close, re-open the browser - but it is a big issue to allow that setting to be changed.  There is no point in enabling the setting if the child can disable it each time they use the browser.

With the added ability to view any sort of porn image you want, blocking "adult content" via Google Image searching seems impossible and futile.



Re: Safe Search Filter Requirment not locked

Hi TheWraith,

Thanks for the feedback.  The program currently blocks forbidden websites (domains), but doesn’t block individual videos or images.  For now, please select the option “Use strict filter” for Google’s SafeSearch Filtering under “Search settings” link at Google page http://www.google.com/preferences?hl=en(link is external) to see if it helps.  If the child tries to click on the link to the website domain which is categorized as Pornography (or any one of the forbidden categories), the child would be blocked.

I'll pass your request to the management team.



Thanks Katie

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