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Safe web verification assistance

With my site building program, I can only add the authentication code to my keywords meta tag. I have done this, but I understand that the automated verification process will not work with this method.

I would like to request a manual ownership verification of my site which is: http://www.mercuryminc.net

Thank you in advance.



Re: Safe web verification assistance

Hi Mercurymedia,

You can use meta tags to go through the automated verification process; please follow the instructions in Phil_D's post over here:


Please tell us how this goes and whether you can verify your ownership in this manner. If verification fails, we'll try another way. 

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Re: Safe web verification assistance

Hello Mercurymedia,

I understand from your PM that you can only add the meta tag to your keywords, so you are unable to utilize the suggestion provided by Yaso which would be faster.

The authentication code in your keywords meta tag is properly placed and I shall notify the Safe Web team who will manually verify site ownership. Allow them a day or two to respond back to you in this thread.

Once ownership has been verified, your site will be queued for the rating evaluation.

Be sure the code remains in place until ownership is verified. Leaving the code in the meta tag will not affect your site or the visitor's experience.

Best wishes for your website!

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Re: Safe web verification assistance

Hi there,

I tried to paste the tag you gave me for www.mercuryminc.net , I tried with a comma and without a comma between it and the immense verification number. Still not verified. Can't believe this is such an issue, nothing personal, just a huge time eater with no end in site. Ken.


Re: Safe web verification assistance

Hi Mercurymedia

Welcome to norton community

Thanks for adding the auth code in a meta tag on your site. We have verified owership of your site 'mercuryminc.net' based on the meta tag.


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