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safety minder slow on start up

A couple of days ago my sons safety minder has been taking up to 20 min to start up.If he tries to use the laptop it crashes.If he reboots the laptop straight away the safety minder icon is first to loadHe has all the updates and latest version(this seems to be when the problem started).Any help on this matter please?



Re: safety minder slow on start up

Hi harry10,

Could you try to uninstall/reinstall Norton Safety Minder to see if it  helps?

What security product do you have on the laptop?



Thanks Katie

Re: safety minder slow on start up

i only get the laptop at weekends.But i did a chk/dsk scan before he went and hoped that might solve it.He currently has nis 2009 on his laptop,Sometimes the saftey minder loads up first or second but every now and again it will be the last to load.I have checked his start up programs and removed some to see if that helps.Will let you know the outcome when i get his laptop at the weekend.I also plan to upgrade to 2010 so if i need to reinstall will do it at the same time.


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