Safeweb icons won't show in Edge

I've been unable to get any of the usual Norton Safeweb green check marks (or more recent cloud icons) to appear next to search results in MS Edge, using either Bing or Google.   I have removed and added the extension multiple times, restarted Edge in-between, and all combinations thereof... but no joy.  The safeweb icon is happily displayed at the top of the page, but I'm unable to determine to see any safety report on any of my search results.  This has already resulted in a visit to one site with a malicious redirect, due to "surfing blind" without these result reports.

It appears to be working fine in Chrome, on another computer, but I did not want to install Chrome on the particular computer displaying this issue in Edge.  Both products are believed to be up to date, so what's the deal between Microsoft and Norton?


Accepted Solution

Re: Safeweb icons won't show in Edge

If you want Norton Safe Web search results with Edge -> Google/Bing search results

Please use Norton Safe Web extension - Chrome store

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