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Same Login - Different Password

I need some guidance on how Password Manager works.  There are web sites where I have the same login ID but different passwords.  It seems that when I go to those sites, Norton uses the most recent password I used for that ID and not the one associated with the web site.  Then when I input the correct password it causes a problem the next time that same login ID is used on a different site. 

For example let's say that web sites 123 and ABC both use my e-mail as the login ID but both have different passwords.  When I login to web site 123 I'm good to go.  But if I then login to web site ABC Norton seems to see the login ID and tries to use the password for web site 123.  If I make the correction and update things for ABC then when I go to login to 123 it  uses the password for ABC.  

I know that seems confusing, and I'm sure it is something I am either doing wrong or don't understand about how to use the program.  I hope it is clear enough to get some good guidance.

Thanks in advance for my pending education.



Re: Same Login - Different Password

 What browser are you using? 

If you click on the Norton Password Manager icon, and find each login you are having this issue with, click on the gear icon beside the login name. Take note of the URL listed for that login. Now go to the other login that seems to be connected to the first and check the URL for that login. If they are the same, you need to change the URL to point to the correct web site.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Same Login - Different Password

Hi, in addition to the checks proposed by peterweb, have you check that it is not 2 urls of 2 subdomains attached to the same domain: 123.example.com and abc.example.com? This might seem to me to explain the concerns you are having because Norton Password Manager does not handle subdomains.

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