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Samsung A20e - need help to add my Norton please

Hi I have a new Samsung A20e mobile phone and I am trying to activate my Norton 0n it. To be honest I don't know what I am doing - 70 yrs old. I have downloaded the app but don't know how to find it on the phone and also to check that Norton is activated. Can some kind soul give me very easy to understand instructions re how to find the app on the phone and also to check it is activated. many thanks.

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Accepted Solution

Re: Samsung A20e - need help to add my Norton please

On your home screen, you should see a black and white icon labeled Norton Mobile. If you cannot see it on the main home screen try swiping left on the screen to see if it might have gotten installed on a secondary home screen. If you still to not see it, try swiping up on the home screen to bring up all apps installed on your device. Look for the black and white Norton Mobile icon. Hold you finger on that icon and the screen will change to the home screen. While still holding your finger on the icon, you can drag it around to where you would like to place it on your home screen. Remove your finger and the icon will be set up on you home screen.

Do you have a Norton subscription for a PC? If so, you are able to activate Norton Mobile against that subscription. Tap on the Norton Mobile icon and it will start the app. Look for a 'Already have an account' or a 'Sign in' link and tap on that. Enter your Norton Account email address and password and that should activate your Norton Mobile against your existing subscription.

If you do not already have a Norton Account and PC based product, instead of Sign in, you will tap on Start Trial. That will set you up for a subscription from the Google Play Store. After the trial period, your Google Play Account will be charged the current rate that is noted in the message as you sign up.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.