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This forum thread needs a solution.

Samsung S3 and "Internet" App still available after "Time Out"

Hi all!

I have the problem that the "Internet" App on my Samsung S3 is still available after my daugthers time frame is finished.

Nearly the same issue with some other APP - during their run the available time is not counting down (Mediahouse App).

Has anybody experience here and can help?

best regards



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Re: Samsung S3 and "Internet" App still available after "Time Out"


Welcome to Norton Community!

Please share the following details to investigate the issue further

  • Issue is specific to 'Internet and Mediahouse' apps or for all the apps in child device
  • Share Norton Family email account details and debugs logs via private message(you can find my email address under my profile in the forum)

Steps to take debug logs after reproducing the issue:

  1. Open NF Browser->Tap on profile picture in top left corner
  2. Select the last option ‘Contact Us’ from the menu
  3. Enable Debug logs
  4. Open NF Browser -> Contact Us -> Enter my Email Address to send the debug logs


Devi AK

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