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SAMSUNG Secure Folder


Is there a compatibility issue between Norton Mobile Security / Norton App Lock and Samsung Secure Folder (previous My Knox)?

Using apps inside Secure Folder, App Lock forces me to enter pattern/pw/biometrics two or three times, after also having minimized the app.

How to fix this annoying issue?



Re: SAMSUNG Secure Folder

I have not used Secure Folder on my Samsung Tab A. So give me a little time to set it up and test. I'll try to get get back either this evening or tomorrow.

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Re: SAMSUNG Secure Folder

OK. I've been playing around with Secure Folder. Going in circles a little, but slowly getting the idea.

What apps are you using in Secure Folder that keep asking for the Norton App Lock PIN?

I have added my Norton Security to Secure Folder, which is App Locked outside the Secure Folder. When I access NS in the Secure Folder, it opens without any prompts from App Lock. But if I minimize the app and then go back to it, App Lock pops up wanting to be set up. At this point the device has left the Secure Folder and is back in the native OS. 

Have you been using App Lock and Secure Folders for a while? Or, like me, did you just start trying the Secure Folder feature? If you have been using both for a while, when did you see this issue start?

What device are you using and what Android version?

There does appear to be some issue with App Lock. I'll try to document things the best I can so I can present the issue to my Norton contacts.


Re: SAMSUNG Secure Folder

I have been using Samsungs crypto containers (My Knox & Secure Folder) for a long time.

N.b., inside the container, You are actually utilizing a virtual/different phone - i.e. I have one instance of NMS outside and another inside.

The issues reported went from bad to worse (affecting all apps) - First, when Samsung skipped My Knox and replaced it with Secure Folder and then the NMS updates probably made it even worse.

OK, today there was some synchronization error so I had to delete my Samsung account(!) which in turn removed Secure Folder.

It took a lot of time to create a new account so, I hesitate starting a new instance of Secure Folder - maybe later on.

Thanks for your efforts.

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Re: SAMSUNG Secure Folder

Personally, I feel NMS has nothing to do with what we are seeing. You could test this by uninstalling App Lock and seeing if everything works as it should.

The only prompts I am seeing is for App Lock. And as I noted, it appears to kick me out of the Secure Folder when this happens.

I'll gather up logs and send them to Norton. You could also gather some logs and send them so they have more information available.  

Open the NMS app and tap the three bars at the top left. Tap on App Settings, and scroll down to the Logging section. Turn on Enable Debug Log. Then continue using your device until your issue happens again. After the issue has happened, go back to the Debug Log setting and turn it off, then tap on Send Error Report with log files. In your submission include your forum user name and a link to this thread.

Although I do not feel NMS is involved, the logging feature also captures other information that can help diagnose the issue.

Let me know if you do submit logs so I can tell my contacts to look for your logs as well as mine.


Re: SAMSUNG Secure Folder

Could you also note what device you are using and what Android version.

I have just sent my NMS logs and am letting my Norton contacts know to look for them.


Just wondering. Did you move App Lock inside the Secure Folders?


Re: SAMSUNG Secure Folder

I had a separate NMS "Device" installed inside the crypto containers, i.e. two "Devices" on the same phone.

Unfortunally, the Secure Folder crashed, so everything including the logs were lost - nothing to report there.

Android were both 7 & 8 (Oreo) on a Galaxy7.


Re: SAMSUNG Secure Folder

What about App Lock. Is that inside or outside the Secure Folders, SF? From what I have tested, I could not get App Lock set up in SF. The App Lock setup kept kicking me outside the SF to the Android Settings for Accessibility. When I first started looking into SF, I found this article that mentions that apps that require Accessibility Service can be difficult, if not impossible to set up correctly because of the security features of SF.

Are you sure the App Lock prompts you are seeing are still inside the SF? As I noted above, I am getting kicked out of SF when the App Lock prompts come up. 

Also, if you just got upgraded to Android 8, that could also explain the changes in behavior you are seeing. There have been some issues with App Lock and Android 8 that Norton is looking into.

Do you have NMS installed outside the Secure Folders? If so, try submitting logs through that. That is what I did, although I have no idea if it will be enough for the diagnosis of this issue.


Re: SAMSUNG Secure Folder


My contact is able to see the issues you are seeing on Android 8. The behavior of App Lock apparently changed from Android 8 and 7. This is what I was told.

This is originally an android OS feature for enterprise devices (called Work Profile) that has been modified and rebranded into a consumer-friendly samsung version. This is a tricky feature to work with since behavior varies widely depending on device and OS. For example...

Samsung Galaxy S7 (OS 7.1) - Locked apps inside Security Folder are unaffected by Applock. 
Samsung Note8 (OS 8.0) - Locked apps inside Security Folder are locked by Applock.

Since Security Folder has its own lock (pin, fingerprint, pattern, etc), then you won't need to use Applock to lock the Security Folder or any apps inside of it. This is somewhat equivalent to installing two different Applockers and locking Youtube with both apps. Buggy and undesirable results are likely to occur.

A defect report has been created, although they are not really sure much can be done, as the Secure Folders is a proprietary feature for Samsung devices. 

Do you have Secure Folders locked in App Lock outside of the Secure Folders? If so, try unlocking it.

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