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This forum thread needs a solution.


Good morning to all people.
Yesterday I was affected by an Euristic Virus named SAPE.Heur.D5109. My OS is Windows 10 (last version).

APPARENTLY Norton 360 was unable to block it.
I found NO TRACES of this virus in the Norton Support data base and in the internet.

It seems to be a HARD threat because it install 6 issues of a new "SETUP.EXE" executable program, mostly in the SERIF directory and in other places.

I used NPE apparently successfully but today after a deep scan and a full system/PC scan I found other issues of newly created "SETUP.EXE" files.

After the full scan, apparently OK, I found threats in HOST apparently related to DNS modification(s).

I also used other antiviruses that found HOST modification again.

The viurus was able to LAUNCH three times VIDEO files from unknown source.

I'm trying to proceed with cointinuous replyes of NPE and full system scans but hoiwever I'm qyuite preoccupied.
Anybody else experienced similar threat(s) and can suggest me how to solve it ??
By the way tomorrow (Monday) I will try to call Norton Support...

Thanks to all..

SIlvano Bozzo 

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Re: SAPE.Heur.D5109

Posting your email address is a good way to receive spam so I have asked for it to be removed.

Firstly, please do NOT try any 'quick fixes' or to solve this yourself.

It sounds like it's time to sign up for assistance from one of the free malware removal sites.  Please pick one and stay with them until your system is clean.


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