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SATA disk D: NOT being optimized

I'm pretty certain that "someone I know" disabled Norton disk optimization on my D: drive which is a Hitachi 2 TB SATA HDD where OTA TV recording is "stashed", and they subsequently they "restored" Window 10 (21H2) disk de-fragmentation on this disk.  And it's NOT that I think Windows defrag works any less capably, I'd just like to "restore" Norton disk optimization on this disk. But I guess I can't figure out  how I can make this happen..  I have every confidence this IS possible to accomplish... I just can't figure  out how..  So... Input appreciated..(?)



Re: SATA disk D: NOT being optimized

As Norton's optimisation only calls the Windows optimisation routines, you might as well just leave it to Windows to monitor and optimise that drive.