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Says I have IE7 but I have IE11

I have Windows 7 and Norton 360. Whenever I open Norton Management, I get a message saying Norton doesn't support Internet Explorer 7 and I need to update. I click the link and Microsoft gives me a message that says I already have IE 11. I checked on the toolbar and it verifies I have IE11. Why does Norton think I have IE7 and how do I correct this?



Re: Says I have IE7 but I have IE11

Hi jawahans68:

There is a thread started by PeteEth titled Out of Date Internet Explorer 10 Message When Not Out of Date that might be helpful.  Please confirm that Compatibility Mode is disabled in your IE 11 browser and remove any Norton or Symantec URLs (e.g., norton.com) that have been added to your list of web sites that are displayed in Compatibility View (in IE, go to Tools | Compatibility View settings | Websites you've added to Compatibility View:).  Then close and re-open your browser and try logging in to the Norton Management site to see if the problem persists.

32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox v43.0.1 * IE9 * NIS (2014) v21.7.0.11

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