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Scam Insight page blocking my site

Excuse me but who are you to block access to my site simply because it's new?  I realize you aren't completely blocking but any user that sees this page clearly entitled SCAM is never going to access my site - despite the fact that NO KNOWN THREATS WERE FOUND.  Who made you the keepers of the Internet that you can adversely affect legitimate businesses like this??

I realize I can go through your verification process to get it removed, but how many businesses have lost sales because they have no idea that you are even doing this?  You call this "protection"?  Blocking people from legitimate websites just because its 1) New and 2) Few User - hell yeah few Norton community members have used this site.  No one would click through your BLOCK PAGE!

Come on Norton, your toolbar is installed - what more do you need?  Figure out how to scan the page and protect the browser without blindly blocking legitimate businesses purely based on age.  Ridiculous!



Re: Scam Insight page blocking my site

...and website name is ____________(dot)____

Every month millions of new website are published and Norton prioritizes testing based on website popularity.
Safe Web does not test those millions of sites until ownership is verified.
However, if any website owner wants their site rated earlier they need to verify ownership. 

Please review > Safe Web Help for Site Owners

We'll try to raise attention to your concern.


Re: Scam Insight page blocking my site

Sorry for the attitude, I just spent a lot of time and effort over the last 4-6 weeks driving thousands of people to my new site, I just wonder how many I wasted money on because of this.

I will go through the verification and thank you if you do raise attention to my concern.  I think a lot of Internet business people would have a huge concern about this.  IMO it's on the level of the Net Neutrality debate, as you are picking and choosing who gets traffic.  Now if that picking and choosing were based on actual known threats or legitimate red flags then it's understandable.  But just for being new?  What's next?  Block if it's hosted on a Windows server?  Or maybe you should block if it's hosted on a cheap hosting service?  My point is that your current rules are hurting me and it's also a very slippery slope for your company going forward.


Re: Scam Insight page blocking my site

Scam Insight mostly works on heuristic based detection [on the fly detection with no database], it is implemented on Norton toolbar.

It make use of inputs like

1. Does it ask for personal information like credit card, SSN, login information, 

2. How new this site is,

3. How many users visited it till now,

4. Suspicious whois info

5. Does it have any suspicious scam keywords

Since Scam Insight works in client side and it is on the fly detection, on fairly new sites, it may happen that site is rated as Untested in SafeWeb.

Some users see it and others don't 

This issues might be because some users/system/browser might have disable Norton toolbar or Scam Insight might have difficulty in collecting above mentioned details.

Note: Usually, as websites get more users...then Scam Insight starts trusting this site and reclassifies it as safe.

...and website name is ____________(dot)____

In addition to actively crawling and analyzing web sites, Norton Safe Web relies on feedback from users and Norton Community participants. When a drive-by download occurs at a web site, the suspicious URL is automatically reported to Norton Safe Web for analysis. The reported site is rated as unsafe if the analysis confirms that the download is malicious.

To ensure that its site rating accurately reflects the current state of a site, Norton Safe Web performs frequent re-analysis of Web sites. Norton Safe Web employs a site rating aging algorithm which estimates how often the safety of a particular Web site will change. Some of the factors used in this analysis include the site's rating history, the site's reputation and associations, the number and types of threats detected on the site, the number of submissions received from Norton clients, and site traffic. In other words, unsafe sites that are more likely to have been cleaned up are re-analyzed often while those that might take longer to remove detected threats are re-analyzed less frequently. User reviews are also accepted, with contributors ranked by reputation. Should a site owner dispute the ranking of their site, they can submit a request for re-evaluation after completing a validation process.


...and website name is ____________(dot)____


Re: Scam Insight page blocking my site

Hello SwishNetworks

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums

Please register your website with Safe Web.


You will receive an email from them with a Meta Tag & HTML file

If you would please post the name of your website & the HTML file  here in this thread, then I would be glad to contact the Safe Web Team so that they can verify & re-evaluate your website. It can be completed in a day or two depending on time zones. After I contact them, they will come to this thread that night after midnight or maybe the next night, but not on the weekends. I'm pretty sure that it can be cleared up.


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