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This forum thread needs a solution.

Scam Insight: Personal Information Risk

Here is the Warning:

Scam Insight: Personal Information Risk


This site is safe, but…
It asks for personal information and is not well established with the Norton Community. Use caution when entering any of your information on this site. Visit
to learn more about personal information risk on Web sites.



Re: Scam Insight: Personal Information Risk

Safe Web Report for: promomarketplaces.com
https://safeweb.norton.com/report/show?url=https://promomarketplaces.com/ = UNTESTED

Report a Scam Insight False Positive


Re: Scam Insight: Personal Information Risk

Scam Insight mostly works on heuristic based detection [on the fly detection with no database], it is implemented on Norton toolbar.

It make use of inputs like

1. Does it ask for personal information like credit card, SSN, login information, 

2. How new this site is,

3. How many users visited it till now,

4. Suspicious whois info

5. Does it have any suspicious scam keywords

Since Scam Insight works on client side and it is on the fly detection, on fairly new sites, it may happen that site is rated as Untested in SafeWeb.

Some users see it and others don't 

This issues might be because some users/system/browser might have disable Norton toolbar or Scam Insight might have difficulty in collecting above mentioned details.

Note: Usually if websites get more users, scam insight starts trusting this site and reclassifies it as safe.




Re: Scam Insight: Personal Information Risk

Hi jmlafalaise

We have added the domain 'promomarketplaces.com' to ScamInsight whitelist. It should reflect in a few hours.