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Is this a scam or a way to backdoor / keylog my device ?

  Hello, I have a complicated situation going on regarding my purchase of a norton product from a well known website that sells CD keys for video games and softwares , explaining the whole situation is a bit compliated but please bare with me. Also the screenshots I included in this thread are redacted but I will provide the non redacted ones if necessary )

  I purchased Norton security / Norton Internet security ( I dont know the difference , this is one of my questions ) 1 year cd key ( that is for 5 devices ) from the said website .

  First of all when I used the cd key on my " Norton internet secrity " , the program that I've been using for a few years now , the key got activated but norton's login page came up ; here is the weird part , there was someone elses email in the email slot and not the email I've been using ( there was no password )  ; view this screenshot : http://prnt.sc/cj25b1 possibly the reseller's email ? or ... ?

Can the seller of the cd key backdoor or keylog my device through norton ?

There are no unknown devices with active seats on my account

Since this product was for 5 devices I clicked on " show me how " on the add a device page on the program view this screenshot : http://prnt.sc/cj25wo but this page popped up : http://prnt.sc/cj25k0 .

I claimed my problem with the website's staff and I had to explain my problem to the seller . he told me that  I purchased " Norton Security" , and not "Norton™ Internet Security"  , ( the CD key is already  active on my main PC that has "norton internet security"  installed )

He provided me this link to download the trial version of " Norton security " and then activate the software :


  I downloaded the trial version of " Norton Security " , logged in my main norton account but it was still on a 30 day trial version , so I reused the cd key I purchased and the status is now active also on my second device.

On the services web page page on my account I have :

My second device has an active used seat under " norton security deluxe " but under it it says trial ? I don't understand since on my second device I have  " norton security " installed and the subscription status is  "active"  , it doesn't say trial ( like before I used the CD key )  but it doesn't show the days remaining like it used to ( same case for my main device , I can only see " active " next to subscription status.

Next to " Norton security deluxe " there is " Norton internet security " , my main PC has a seat used there but the subcrition status is EXPIRED ?!  ( meanwhile on my main pc norton works fine )

And finally next to " Norton internet security " there is " norton security " that is also expired but there is an active seat ( green ) with my main pc's name next to it.

I'm very confused by this whole situation , could someone please answer my questions and clarify things ? most importantly are my 2 devices currently in danger of getting back doored or keylogged ?

Thank you in advance . I apologise if I made any spelling errors . I will provide any addtional information if necessary.




Re: Is this a scam or a way to backdoor / keylog my device ?

Where did you purchase this CD key? There are unscrupulous sellers that have been known to sell used keys.

If you want to check the validity of the key, you can contact the actual Norton Support via chat and ask them to validate the key. Be sure to ask how many days remaining on the key. If the days remaining does not correspond with the days you should have, you may have been scammed.    www.norton.com/chat

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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