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This forum thread needs a solution.

Scan stalls, then won't stop even with Task Manager

I have Norton Security, subscription active, Live Update says I have the latest protection.

I'm running Windows 10, Version 1903.

Earlier today I opened Norton and it says my computer is at risk, I need to run a scan. So I did tried a quick scan. It quickly scanned 333 files and then didn't go any higher, even after 10 minutes of waiting. First I paused the scan, and then I pressed stop. The scan window didn't change. I tried clicking in the 'X' in the top right corner, but the window stayed put. Then I went into Task Manager and ended the App there, the other Norton windows closed but the scan window stayed open. Finally I shut down the computer.

Then I started back up and tried running a full scan. The scan almost instantly reached 340-some files and then again went no further. Again I tried waiting, pausing, pressing stop, clicking the 'X', and ending the App in Task Manager, but again I got the same result: the scan window stayed open and didn't move until I shut down the computer.

How do I go about troubleshooting this? How do I get the scan finished? Help please!



Re: Scan stalls, then won't stop even with Task Manager

Hi, B_Free and welcome. Have you done a full restart, as opposed to a normal shut down ?

Also, if you have Fast Start Up enabled, you may want to disable it as it is known to cause issues.

You can go to the main UI and the Help tab, and run the Fix Now option to see if that helps.

Finally, if these don't work, you can try the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool which will give you a clean install.

If used, restart when requested and run Live Update manually until no more are found, and then restart again.


Let us know how you get on after trying these suggestions and then trying a scan.


BTW, Norton protects its services so you won't be able to disable them in Task Manager.

Windows 10 Home X 64

Re: Scan stalls, then won't stop even with Task Manager

Hi @B_Free,

Thanks for reporting in Norton Community Forums. Please let us know if you are still facing issue with Norton Scan. 

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

Re: Scan stalls, then won't stop even with Task Manager

Thank you very much for responding! Unfortunately the problem has only grown bigger. I tried F4E's suggestions but had no success. Here is a rundown of what I've done since my last post...

1. Turned off Fast Start Up & restarted computer (per F4E’s suggestion)

2. Tried running Quick Scan, it reached 321 files and stalled again - tried all the things listed in the previous post to stop the scan but no success. I was unable to shut down the computer through Windows (I'd click restart and shut down but nothing would happen) so I forced the computer to shut down using the external power button.

3. Started computer up, tried Quick Scan again, scan reached 334 files, again I was unable to stop the scan, this time successfully shut down computer through Windows

4. Started computer again, uninstalled Norton using the Windows Control Panel (left settings in place) (again per F4E’s suggestion) Control Panel told me computer needed to restart so I clicked the button that the Control Panel offered.

--- Here's where it gets weirder.---

5. After clicking the restart button, the computer never actually shut down. The Windows "Restarting" screen came up and never went away. After waiting 2 hours I finally shut down the computer using the external power switch.

6. Started computer up, and after a few minutes (where I didn’t touch the computer) the Windows Blue Screen came up. It gave the stop code: IRQL_GT ZERO_AT_SYSTEM_SERVICE. The computer automatically restarted. (See screenshot in pdf.)

7. After the restart, a Windows Security window opened and presented a list of several items under the headline "Threats found. Please restart your device to remove them." Each of the items were listed them as "Severe." (See screenshot in other pdf.) Windows Security presented a Restart Now button which I clicked but nothing happened. I tried clicking a few more times but then a window opened that said “Unexpected error. Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please try again.”

8. I was able to restart the computer through the Windows button. Again the Windows Restarting screen stayed up on the screen for 2 hours before I shut off the computer with the external power switch.

9. The next day I booted up the computer and again Windows Security says the same thing about threats being found. Since rebooting didn’t work last time, I ignore Windows Security and download Norton Security. I go through the steps to install it, and the Norton screen gets to Device Security Installing and doesn’t advance any further. The “Did you know?” animations are still playing, but the window isn’t reporting anything else getting installed.

10. An hour later I come back and the screen is blank. I think the computer went to sleep and wouldn’t wake up. I can’t do anything except shut off the computer using the external power button again.

11. When I booted the computer back up there were 2 Norton installers running in the task bar. In one of the instances I clicked okay on the install agreement and then a window came up saying “Another installer is currently running. Please wait for it to complete and try again.”

12. I closed that instance of the installer and then let the other instance continue. Just as the first re-install attempt the installer got to the Device Security installing screen and wouldn’t advance.

13. Then the Windows blue screen came up again. (Again I hadn’t touched the computer.) The blue screen said it was gathering data to send off to Microsoft, which it did. The stop code was the same as before IRQL_GT ZERO_AT_SYSTEM_SERVICE. The computer automatically restarted although this time it actually did restart - it didn’t hang.

14. After restarting I saw the same thing as the previous boot up: 2 copies of the Norton installer in the taskbar. This is when I decided to come back here and ask for help again. :)

15. FYI, I initially typed this up on my computer, using Chrome, but when I clicked the “Choose File” button to add my screenshot Chrome stopped responding. The Chrome window was still there but I couldn’t click on it or drag it around at all. I could still access the task bar, just not the Chrome window. (This post was retyped on my phone.) Right now the screen is blank - I think the computer went to sleep - and I can’t wake it up.

Help please!!!

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Re: Scan stalls, then won't stop even with Task Manager


Can you help this user with some troubleshooting suggestions.

Other users may chime in, too.

In the meantime, you may have corrupt OS files, so I'd suggest running a Run as Administrator Command Prompt, as follows

Type in sfc /scannow   and see if that fixes any damaged Windows files.


Windows 10 Home X 64

Re: Scan stalls, then won't stop even with Task Manager


In addition to above comments, if correctly installed, Norton will disable Microsoft Defender.

Another suggestion is to use the Norton REMOVAL option in the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool, to properly uninstall Norton, and then download a fresh copy from your Norton account.

If you do that, you should run Live Update manually until no more are found, and then restart.

Also, I assume Windows 10 is fully up to date ?, as that code indicates a Windows issue.

In addition to disabling Fast Start Up which you've done, you may also want to disable Hibernation, as that means that your system is not fully shut down when Hibernation is enabled.

Windows 10 Home X 64
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Re: Scan stalls, then won't stop even with Task Manager

Hi @B_Free, I have sent you an private message requesting logs for further investigation. Thanks

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

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