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scan states running but nothing happens


I have set up norton 360 Version 5 2011 on a second computer, a Dell Studio vista premium. everything is stating protected, etc, but when I try to run any type of scan, the 'running' icon appears, but nothing happens. The quantity of files scanned, etc, all remain at zero. Even running for over two hours.

Any ideas, please?

Thanks in advance 1000tintoys



Re: scan states running but nothing happens

Hello 1000tintoys and welcome!

Did you have Norton 360 previously installed on this computer?

If so, did you have any custom scans setup?


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Re: scan states running but nothing happens

I would also suggest to try Norton Power Eraser. Download and run Norton Power Eraser tool :


Go for Rootkit Scan and Restart the computer. Check if it detects any threats and if it does, please provide us the filename and other details. Don't fix any files now, you can fix those after getting confirmation in this thread.


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