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School time & Norton notifications days late

Hello all -

For the past week or more, I am receiving late messages  when websites are blocked or my child makes a request to view a blocked website, etc.

For example, just moments ago I received an email that a website was blocked on 3/12/22 at 10:40 am, over two days ago.

Using Win 10.

Not sure if there is any connection, but I also receive an email stating the parental controls have been turned off when the Firefox browser is opened. This does not occur with Chrome.

I can post about Firefox/Chrome in a different thread - just mentioning in case is helps solve the issue.




Re: School time & Norton notifications days late

Hi RedPenguin,

Thank you for reaching out to us.  

We would like to have a remote session to investigate and analyze the issue further.
We have sent you a private message with details for the same. Could you please respond with your convenient time via private message?

Thanks & Regards,
Norton Family Team

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