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On Screen Keyboard

Whilst churning the MS "Start-Up Manager", for a quicker boot-up time (currently 2.75minutes and lowering). I came across the MS "Onscreen Keyboard".

Question:- Does using the "Onscreen Keyboard", have the extra security functionality, that an "Online Keyboard" affords ?

Would the "Onscreen Keyboard" not register with "Key Loggers" ?

Thanks, anyone. AK


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Re: On Screen Keyboard

You can find your answers here:




Re: On Screen Keyboard

Read the WIKI; no definitive answer.
Still the question, is the MS Onscreen Keyboard, as safe, as a websites virtual keyboard, in the fight against Call Loggers; or, is there no difference between the QWERTY keyed characters and the MS Onscreen Keyboard keyed  characters ?
Regards. AK

Accepted Solution
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Re: On Screen Keyboard

Hi photo762,

On screen keyboards do not fully protect you from keyloggers:

Will using an on screen keyboard stop keyboard loggers and hackers?

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