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This forum thread needs a solution.

Searches Hijacked every time - need help

HELP ! I have tried everything. Every time I try to search a website I created, Most times I get redirected to VENDARE YAHOO ERROR. Usually it says my site doesn't exist (which it does) and goes directly to 

http:// us .yhs4.search.yahoo.com/ 

I have uninstalled Firefox and Dropbox. I have uninstalled Google Chrome and reinstalled fresh. Disk cleanups. Defrags. I constantly remove cookies, check settings, manage search engines, delete search engines and Yahoo keeps coming up. I blocked BING from Explorer. Even old Explorer turns up these two errors. I downloaded Norton Power Eraser, did a full scan rebooted and still it happens. Had a friend come over and debugf everything she could find. I can't search for anything anywhere without this coming up! Beyond frustrating!  This is a total time waster and I hate having my computer invaded when I have paid for full protection all these years and am so careful. Please help me get rid of this redirecting!



Re: Searches Hijacked every time - need help

Hi Kathy-T,

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums!

I was unable to scan your link with Sucuri SiteCheck as it gives this result "Unable to properly scan your site."

What's happening to your system is probably due to a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) ore a PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) that can get installed - if not unchecked - bundled with a software which you want to install. Since Norton products concentrate on malware that can damage your system, this explains why some PUPs/PUAs are not detected.

You could try scanning your system with this free, on demand scanner:


Please download the FREE version, save it to your desktop, and remember to always update it before running any scans.

If the above doesn't fix the issue, please don't do anything else, but sign up for help from one of these free malware removal sites where an expert can help you on a one to one basis:





Please read and follow their guidelines in order to get the most efficient assistance.

Let us know how you do.       

Windows 7 HP SP1 32-bit | Chrome 65.0.3325.146 | NS

Re: Searches Hijacked every time - need help

How long have you had your web site? Was everything working well?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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